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Homepage is a store offering a weight-loss food supplement which promises no side-effects. They also boast of fast shipping and no prescription requirement. We look into this store to answer the question, is legit?

Read Reviews – Undisclosed Side-Effects Reviews – Avoid This Scam Pharmacy


homepage claims to introduce themselves as a reliable Canadian online pharmacy. What’s more, the platform claims that you can enjoy a flat discount of 80% on your prescription medications if you place an order with this online pharmacy. But, in reality, we have found that this rogue platform mostly deals with poor quality men’s health drugs. Hence, please keep reading and know more about it in the following sections.

Read Reviews – Avoid This Scam Pharmacy Reviews – High-Quality Scam


Homepage claims to be a trusted and reliable web store for men’s health medications. But, let us warn you that it’s nothing but same as the other online rogue pharmacies which are all set to deceive the customers. These drugstores purposely sell poor quality medicines (which can be detrimental to your health) at a low price. Read on our review to find out more details.

Read Reviews – High-Quality Scam Reviews – Questions Over Their Reliability


Prescription Point homepage is a Canadian pharmacy store which promotes discounts of up to 90% over what you are already paying. They say that they are devoted to your health needs, offering you a personalized service that should give you better choices. We take a look at this drugstore to find out if it delivers on its promises, and if it is somewhere that can be trusted to safely supply you with the medicine you need.

Read Reviews – Questions Over Their Reliability