Reviews – Lots of Guarantees is an online pharmacy which promotes their business as being very customer focused, with a customer satisfaction guarantee. They claim to offer discounts of up to 80% and provide a 125% price match guarantee. We investigate this store to find out if these guarantees are as good as they seem and whether you should shop here for your medication.

Read Reviews – Lots of Guarantees Reviews – They Will Lie About Anything is a pharmacy site which claims to offer the highest quality generic drugs. They also boast of having over seven years of experience and claim to reship for free if there is an issue. We examine these claims to, unfortunately, find that the owner of this store is quite happy to lie at every opportunity to get a sale.

Read Reviews – They Will Lie About Anything Reviews – Avoiding Difficult Questions is an online pharmacy which claims to be a reliable pharmaceutical source who guarantees the quality of the medication sold. They will also give you extra pills when you reorder from them. However, when we investigate this store we discover many concerning issues. These are issues you need to know about if you were interested in shopping here, read on to learn of this store’s problems.

Read Reviews – Avoiding Difficult Questions Reviews – Over 25,000 Products Available is a UK based online pharmacy which aims to provide the cheapest products and deliver them to your door within 24 hours. They claim to be able to reduce your medical costs by up to 90%. We examine the details of this pharmacy to find out if you should consider it for your medical needs.

Read Reviews – Over 25,000 Products Available