24hTrustpharmacy.com Reviews – Focused on Men’s Health


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24hTrustpharmacy.com is a store that promises high-quality medicine as well as bonuses and discounts. They claim that you should trust them with your healthcare needs, but can you really? Our look at the services they provide suggests that it would be a bad idea.

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Primedz.com Reviews – Low-Quality Drugs


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Primedz.com claims to provide its customers with the best generic health drugs at an affordable price. The pharmacy is established in 2016 and has come a long way from its humble beginnings in India. They claim all their drugs are fully verified and approved by the Indian FDA and offer 100% customer satisfaction in product quality and customer service. Here is our review of the pharmacy that will give you a better idea about the product and service quality of the pharmacy and how safe it is to use.

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Top-rx-market.com Reviews – Telling Lies


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Top-rx-market.com is a drugstore that promises high-quality medications to its customers. They also offer low prices, but is this a great place to purchase your medication? Our look at what this pharmacy does suggests that a purchase here would be a bad idea, however.

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Edlinerx.com Reviews – Malware Detected



Edlinerx.com online medical store sells branded and generic health drugs for men at a rock-bottom price. They have a dedicated team of professionals that provides quality medications and wants to make healthcare accessible for everyone affected by the higher local prices. All their drugs are quality tested and only sourced from trusted and established drug suppliers worldwide. They also offer rapid customer support as well as fast shipping worldwide. The pharmacy made plenty of lofty claims throughout the website that immediately raised our eyebrows. Hence, we decided to review the drugstore and find out the truth behind all these tall claims as well as the quality of their products and services.

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