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Straight to the main point, is a European-based rogue online drugstore that thrives on alluring, but empty marketing promises. There’s much you need to know about this pharmacy in terms of their operations and products to verify that our inference is right.

Read Reviews – Empty Promises Reviews – A Mistake or an Attempt to Deceive? gives the appearance of a very professional online pharmacy store. However, our investigation turns up some surprising issues. Are they actually trying to deceive you?

The site has been focused around instilling trust and confidence in the minds of potential customers visiting this Canadian pharmacy. Our investigation looks into whether you really should place your trust in this pharmacy to provide you with medication.

Read Reviews – A Mistake or an Attempt to Deceive? Reviews – Dangerous Medical Practices is an online pharmacy which appears to be based in Canada. They say that they provide the highest quality generic medications and safety. We investigate this store to find a multitude of things which give us grave concerns about this site.

Read Reviews – Dangerous Medical Practices Reviews – Using a Fake London Address is an online pharmacy which claims to be a leading Canadian drugs supplier. They say they provide secure online ordering and competitive prices. We investigate the details offered by this pharmacy to evaluate whether this is a safe place to purchase medication.

Read Reviews – Using a Fake London Address