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 is an online pharmacy that is allegedly based in Canada. The pharmacy claims to sell genuine generic medicines at prices 70% lower than your local pharmacy. We carried out a thorough assessment of this pharmacy to establish if all these claims are true. Here are the results!


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The number of illegal drug sellers continues to rise at an alarming rate, with over 10,000 websites listed as fake by various agencies. These rogue pharmacies are guilty of dispensing prescription medications and controlled substances without requiring a valid script from a doctor. This has contributed massively to the Opioid overdose crisis being experienced in most developed countries.


To help avert this crisis, we review an illegal online drugstore.

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Online drugstores are not only convenient, but also provide a sense of privacy that most shoppers desire. Additionally, the prices of drugs are extremely affordable, making these pharmacies fairly popular with people looking to save a few extra coins. However, according to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), 96 percent of assessed pharmacies do not comply with federal laws and drug regulations. From these findings, using non-compliant online pharmacies may put your health at risk or attract legal ramifications.


This review is a typical example of the type of online drugstores that you should avoid.


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According to statistics obtained from the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), 97% of online pharmacies are either unlicensed or using undocumented/fake licenses. It is therefore advisable that you verify with your local regulatory agency before making a purchase.


This review unearths a fake internet chemist selling counterfeit drugs. Read on and discover what you should be looking out for.


Read Reviews – Beware! Fake Online Chemist