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Today we review another online pharmacy: The website looks decent and enticing, but the drugs are the total opposite. It supplies drugs that are not of good quality, sourced from Pakistan and other Asian countries that lack proper drug regulations There is also no way to trace the company that is behind this site. Below are the details of the site:


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Today we review another pharmacy, this time it’s This online pharmacy is not unique; it has a huge number of mirrors located on different domains; all of them comprise a network of illegal affiliate program selling substandard and almost always counterfeit medicines manufactured in Asian countries. In our review of, we will share with you all the information about this pharmacy.


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Today we have another onine pharmacy under review. has a fairly modest minimalist design. There are no statements about belonging to Canada or occupying the 1st place among online pharmacies on the Internet on their website. We were particularly pleased with the fact that the site is perfectly adapted for mobile devices. It has a lot of useful information and is quite convenient for the visitor. However, is it as perfect as it may seem at first? Let’s try to find out.


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This pharmacy claims to be the leader in delivering medications throughout the world. This is a pretty bold statement; our review will reveal whether it is true. As always, we will first try to find out who the owner of this company, and then tell you what their business actually represents.


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