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In view of the high number of rogue pharmacies operating today, shopping for meds online has become more of a lucky draw. One is never sure if they are dealing with a genuine pharmacy or a rogue drugstore. The fact that over 95% of online pharmacies are operating illegally does not help matters. With this in mind, it has become prudent for all online shoppers to practice caution and remain vigilant to avoid buying counterfeit meds.


Today we review, which is one of the many online pharmacies operating illegally. Below is a comprehensive review of this site.

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Today we review, which is an online pharmacy store that allegedly offers all types of medications. However, after carrying out a thorough background check on its operations, we discovered that it is a big fraud. This pharmacy has been operating illegally for several months and it is part of a big syndicate of scammers. Below are some of the reasons why you should avoid this pharmacy.

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The number of rogue online pharmacies is certainly on the increase. The owners of these shady drugstores can go to any length to hide their tracks and deceive patients by using fake testimonials and violating the law. is one of the many rogue pharmacies that has been accused of violating federal drug laws in recent times. This review explains everything about how this pharmacy works.

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It is just astonishing how scammers use all manner of tricks to deceive unwary online shoppers. The healthcare industry has also been infiltrated by these fraudsters to the extent that you cannot find a genuine online drugstore without going through a bad experience. is a good example of one of these fraudulent websites owned by these malicious webmasters. Read our review to find out more about this site.

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