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As the name suggests, is an online drugstore based in Canada. The pharmacy claims to dispense quality medications and health products across the globe. However, our background investigations reveal that all these claims are false. Here is a full review to support our assertions.
Business AddressNo
LicenseNo (Fake)
Country of origin of medicationsPakistan, India
Countries where warehouses are locatedPakistan, India, etc
Website belonging to an illegal affiliate programYes
Name of the affiliate program
Phone numbers / customer support
Mirror/Related websitesMore than 100 websites
For example:
Cross-border smuggling addressed to the receiverYes
Medication counterfeitingYes
Risk of poisoningYes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
CIPA, Canadian International Pharmacy AssociationNo (Fake)
HHS, U.S. Department of Health & Human ServicesNo
FDA, U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationNo
NABP, National Association of Boards of PharmacyNo
LegitScript Legal ListNo
DEA, U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationNo
EMA, European Medicines AgencyNo
PGEU GPUE, Pharmaceutical Group of European UnionNo
PharmacyChecker Verification ProgramNo
More Information About Website
Customer SupportYes
Email supportYes
Live ChatNo
Check Order StatusNo
FromPakistan, India, etc
Shipping Cost (Standard airmail service)$9.95+$4.95
Shipping Cost (Trackable service)$19.95+$4.95
Safety Payment (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure)Yes
American ExpressNo
BitcoinNo Coupon Code
Coupon Code/Discount NumberN/A
Special OffersYes / Free shipping on all orders above $200
GiftYes - Whois
Burundi, Africa
Creation Date2012-03-15
Registrant Name/Admin Name/Tech NameMikhail Morozov


Overall rating    



Domain info

This domain was registered by Afriregister SA on March 2012 and it has been active for exactly six years. The name of the registrant is provided as Mikhail Morozov, from Russia. Our probe discovered that the domain registrar is based in Burundi (Africa). This is rather odd considering that most companies prefer to transact in their home countries as a way of ploughing back to the economy. According to, the website location is indicated as Lithuania. This proves that this drugstore is not located in Canada.


All you Need to Know About the website


Web Platform

The web platform, including the layout and design is typical with rogue pharmacies. The homepage is rather pathetic and it does not augur confidence from the onset. Clients are barraged with a long list of medications and other health products instead of prioritizing helpful information that might build trust between the company and potential clients.


Mirror Websites

We discovered that this pharmacy has hundreds of mirror websites that use the same web layout, design, text, and even images. What is more shocking is that the testimonials and customer feedback obtained from these mirror websites are also similar. This is a clear sign that suggests that this drugstore belongs to an illegal marketing program. The pharmacy is part of an organized network of fraudsters and online scammers.


Some of the mirror websites related to this site include:



Business Profile

Information about the organization that runs this pharmacy remains scanty. We could not access the name or address of the company. However, we established that this pharmacy is using the name “Online Pharmacy” as its business name. Nevertheless, this name is too general to pass for a valid business name. Furthermore, it does not appear in the Canadian business registry.


The concealing of valuable business information is very common with rogue online pharmacies. The owners of these pharmacies are often economical with the truth. You should therefore keep off these drugstores to avoid losing your money!!!



Does it Comply with drug regulations?

This site displays several seals from CIPA, MIPA and the CPA suggesting that is a legit drugstore. However, we discovered that all these seals are not authentic. The pharmacy is actually using fake seals to deceive unwary clients. Furthermore, this drugstore does not have a valid business license. This simply means that the drugstore has been operating illegally since its inception six years ago.


Although the pharmacy claims to be based in Canada, it does not appear in the Canadian International Pharmacy Association database. A search on proves that the CIPA seal that appears on this pharmacy’s website is invalid.


Look at this!!!  🙁


We also verified the legitimacy of this pharmacy on and discovered that it has been flagged as rogue. This is because the pharmacy does not satisfy the minimum verification requirements.



Available Products on Sale

This pharmacy dispenses a wide range of medications ranging from sexual health drugs to skin care products. According to our investigations, all medications are sourced from various Asian countries, including India and Pakistan. The fact that the company’s warehouses are located in Asia rather than Canada raises suspicions about the quality of available products.

Although the pharmacy claims to offer both branded and generic drugs, we believe that all medications available on this platform are generic. Some of the bestsellers include Levitra, Cialis, Viagra and trial erection packs.



Do You Need a Doctor’s Prescription to Acquire Drugs From This Site?

You do not require a prescription to acquire drugs from this pharmacy. You can purchase any type of medication, including prescribed drugs and controlled substances without a doctor’s script. This act is in violation of Canadian pharmaceutical laws that do not allow the acquisition of RX medications without a prescription.



Drug prices/Coupon Code

The products offered by this pharmacy are very cheap. The drug prices are 70% lower than what other pharmacies are offering. These low prices further raise questions about the quality of medications, considering the fact that it is almost impossible to produce and sell medications at prices 70% lower than normal rates.


This pharmacy does not have a coupon code or discount number. However, clients are entitled to special offers such as free shipping on orders above $200. The pharmacy also offers free Viagra pills with every order.



Payment and Shipping of drugs

The payment options on this platform are very limited. This drugstore accepts payments via MasterCard and Visa only. All transactions are encrypted using SSL security for maximum protection.

The drugstore offers two shipping options including:


• Airmail or USPS – Takes a maximum of 3 weeks costing $9.95
• EMS – Takes 8 business days, costing $19.95


All orders above $200 are eligible for free shipping. You may also insure your order by paying an extra $4.95.



Support Center/Customer Feedback

We were shocked to learn that the customer reviews and testimonials that appear on this site are all fake. The testimonials are copied word-for-word from mirror websites. For instance, the testimonial from Benjamin who hails from Andorra appears in hundreds of other similar websites. To make it worse, all the wordings are the same. Another review from Samuel, who resides in Spain also appears in All these copied/fake testimonials eventually prove that this pharmacy does not have actual customers. The people behind this illegal syndicate are only after your money and chances of receiving your order are close to zero!


Click to enlarge image




Here is our word of CAUTION…..

Our assessment of this site confirms is not a legit drugstore. Firstly, the pharmacy claims to be located in Canada, but in the real sense, it is located in Lithuania (a high-risk country). Furthermore, the owner hails from Russia, which is another country associated with high cases of online fraud. It is advisable that you stay away from this site as it is not safe for online transactions.


Considering the high number of complaints against this site, we can only give it a 1.2 out 5 rating.

Possible alternatives

While brick and mortar pharmacies are a safe bet any day, online pharmacies are better, cheaper and more convenient. There is a ton of pharmacies on the internet, and this ends up confusing the consumers, as they do not know who is legitimate and who is out for a quick back. This is where we come in; our experts are constantly scouring the internet, looking for pharmacies and evaluating them based on set criteria.

We provide highly relevant information about these pharmacies, which allows you to choose where to shop for your medication and decide what establishments to stay away from. Our content is periodically updated with information about both existing and upcoming online pharmacies.

For more information, take a look at the Highly Credible List of online drug stores on our website!!!




What experiences have you encountered while dealing with online drug stores? Has the quality of service in each pharmacy been exquisite? Has it been satisfying, or would you rather not talk about it? Whichever the case, share your story with us; you never know, it could save another reader a whole lot of trouble. Commenting on our threads is quite easy, and you will not even have to register to do that!  
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6 thoughts on “ Reviews – Unlawful Online Pharmacy using Fake License”

  1. Apparently you did not actually test any of their drugs, to see if they deliver what is ordered.

    Don’t you think that would be a useful thing to do?

    • We guess there is no reason for that because this pharmacy like many others has all signs of fraudulent activity. Besides, the order can be delivered but what the medicine will we get?

  2. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID !!!!!! too bad just now I saw this site, I am getting lies after lies with them for 16 days now, the tracking number they gave to me is to deliver in UK, I am in US…..and the tracking number is just a “label created”. Customer service is totally worthless, they keep on asking you to be patience and blame DHL for not updating the tracking number, I never had a problem with DHL…true is, if they actually had give the package to DHL, would show the status online.

    • Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam pharmacies on the internet. This site is one of them. It necessary to understand that people can not only lose their money but also put their health at risk. Please be careful next time and always check the site you are buying from.

  3. What would really make your review of this pharmacy even more valuable would be an analysis of actual drugs shipped to see if they’re legitimate. If they actually are then all the other red flags would disappear. One thing you might want to consider is the fact that this pharmacy does not require a prescription and that as a result it needs to be a little bit more discrete in its location, practices etc. But thanks for raising our awareness of this Pharmacy and our caution about using it.

    • Thanks for the comment. We were thinking about it but it would be quite an expensive procedure. By the way, their drugs can be counterfeit. We don’t want to popularize illegal ways of getting medicines that’s why we recommend buying from reliable suppliers with necessary approvals.

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