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We have developed a proprietary methodology of assessing online pharmacies with a high degree of accuracy based on many factors allowing potential customers to be aware of the risks they are likely to face.

Please note that any online pharmacy may be changed by its owner after some time which will influence its business. Thus, the information may not be up-to-date. For this reason, we do not guarantee that all the information on our website is absolutely accurate.


Liability Disclaimer

– A visitor of the website can read the information provided, leave his or her review and give a grade (rating)
– Any information added by visitors in the form of the rating and/or reviews is moderated only to prevent insults and advertising/spam. This information presents a particular user’s opinion and we shall not be liable for its adequacy.
– PharmReviews does not make any declarations and does not provide any guarantees as to the accuracy and completeness of any information and content of this website.
– PharmReviews disclaims any responsibility for any incidental or indirect damages or health detriment.
– It is up to the visitor to decide whether to make a purchase or to refrain from it. The visitor shall assume all the risks.


Information for online pharmacies

If you believe that information regarding your online pharmacy is not true and/or discredits your business reputation, please Contact Us. In this case we can reaudit your pharmacy and make amendments if appropriate.

Please note that your online pharmacy should have all licenses and approvals required by laws of the country where it resides and those of the countries where medications are delivered. Your online pharmacy should have a business address and contact details and you have to be ready to provide documentary evidences of the above.

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