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main page is an online pharmacy offering 24/7 customer support and claiming that their customers love them. Our look into what they have to offer, however, suggests that there are more problems than might first appear obvious.

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main page is an online drugstore that sells both generic and branded medication. In both the footer and the header of this online pharmacy there are two phone numbers presented. One of those phone numbers is for Great Britain while the other is for the United States. Moreover, there is a contact form on this e-commerce website that can be used as an alternative contact method if the others do not work. We are going to be presenting our findings of this drugstore website below to help you figure out whether it is safe to use.

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main page online drugstore connects their customers with some of the world’s best and trusted drug suppliers who sell both generic and branded drugs for men at an affordable cost. The drugs offered by them are produced under strict guidelines so that they won’t cause any dangerous side-effects. They also offer rapid customer service to all their customers. Before buying their drugs, read our review of the pharmacy below to know more about the pharmacy and whether they are safe enough to buy their drugs.

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1.2 out of 5 stars


main page is an e-commerce website that as its name may suggest specializes in the sale of generic brand medication. This drugstore website also claims to be the number one generic viagra store however it does not go in-depth on how it came to such a conclusion. In terms of the methods of contact with the support team of this online drugstore, there is a Skype username available and also an email address. This pharmacy website makes a lot of bold claims that we are going to be investigating and sharing our findings below. 

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