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Since the invention of the internet decades ago, the world has become one small global village. You can make new friends on social media, book a flight online or even buy medications via online pharmacies. Online pharmacies have become particularly popular in recent years, thanks to the convenience that they provide. You can now order for medications from your favorite drugstore from the comfort of your home or office.


However, with a high number of rogue drugstores infiltrating the health sector, finding a reliable online pharmacy is no longer easy. is one of the many online pharmacies that we highly suspect to be rogue. This review is a typical example of what you should look out for when dealing with suspicious online pharmacies.


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According to statistics from relevant health agencies, genuine online pharmacies are extremely rare to come by. The internet has been infiltrated by all sorts of scams and fraudulent businesses, including rogue pharmacies. If you are a frequent online shopper, it is highly likely that you have encountered a fake website offering counterfeit products at least once during your shopping exploits. The only way of determining if an online pharmacy is genuine is by carrying out a thorough background check.


Today we review, which is one of the few genuine online pharmacies available today.


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Alarming statistics from the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) suggest that only 66 online pharmacies are authorized by the Canadian government to dispense medications within the borders of Canada and the USA! Pharmacies that bear the CIPA seal have been tested comprehensively and proven to be safe and any pharmacy claiming to be based in Canada needs to prove beyond doubt that they are members of this association. Today we review, which is an online pharmacy based in Canada.


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1.6 out of 5 stars is an international internet drugstore that claims to offer high-quality OTC drugs, prescription medications and generic medicines at affordable prices. The pharmacy further claims to dispense FDA and WHO approved medications for various disorders and health conditions. However, our investigations reveal otherwise. The following are reasons why we believe Med Express RX is a rogue pharmacy.


Read Reviews – Scam Internet Pharmacy using Fake Business Address