Pills24x7.com Reviews. An Illegitimate Online Drug Store.

1.1 out of 5 stars



Buying medication online has become the norm given the rate at which online drug stores are coming up. When you decide to buy over-the-counter medication over the internet, ideally, you want a legitimate seller who will deliver a quality product at a reasonable price. In this review, we are going to take a closer look at Pills24x7.com to determine whether it is a legitimate pharmacy that you can trust.


Overall rating     1.1 out of 5 stars







Domain Details

There is a likelihood Pills24x7.com is run from Russia, a high-risk country.

There is a great deal of anonymity surrounding the location of the website which raises questions regarding the legality of its operations.

You should not transact business with this site if you don’t want to be ripped off.






Web Platform

There are a few websites that look exactly the same as Pills24x7.com. Everything is the same in each of these mirror sites, from the products displayed to the reviews and the contact details. This serves to show that the website is a part of a larger, illegal set up. Other websites that mirror this one include:




This is not a good sign since separate websites even belonging to the same organization never mirror each other like that. It is most likely a part of an elaborate organization.



Business Name and Address

The company which runs this drug store and its affiliates remains hidden. Since a legitimate business would have no problem coming clean, we can conclude that it is an illegitimate affiliate program.



Legal Approvals and Certifications

The drugs sold on Pills24x7.com do not have the approval of regulatory bodies like FDA or CIPA.   All drugs from this pharmacy  made in India.



Medications Sold

The drugs sold on Pills24x7.com are predominantly generic sexual health drugs. There is a worrying possibility that the drugs are not genuine because it is not clear where they are from. It is a common trend with Rogue pharmacies these days to sell these kinds of drugs. Besides that category of drugs, there are other brands of drugs on the site which include:


• Antibiotics
• Diabetes
• Weight Loss
• Sleep Aid
• Diabetes
• Diabetes



Prescription Requirements

The site does not ask for a prescription when you buy medication.



Pills24x7.com Coupon

If you are buying from an online pharmacy, you need to find ways to save money. The prices are quite low but you can still get more value by using the coupons and discount offers.


The Coupon Code: (A2PDKPKQ)


This exact code appears on other affiliate sites.



Payments and Deliveries

Pills24x7.com accepts payment in form of Bitcoins or via VISA and MasterCard. They claim to use a PCI DSS compliant payment platform to ensure the safety of their clients’ information.
Deliveries are made using two shipping methods:

• Airmail shipping which takes around 2 to 3 business days
• Courier Service delivery which takes 5 to 7 business days for the order to arrive.

The Airmail delivery service is free if you make orders above $200. To get free courier delivery, the order should be worth more than $300.



Customer Support

Pills24x7.com claims to have 24/7 customer support. If you have issues with your order or simply want to make an inquiry, the site has an emailing system that they reply to within 48 hours. If your matter is more urgent, you can make a call via the telephone numbers provided. You can track your order live as well.



Pills24x7.com Reviews & Testimonials

When you want to buy a product online, you look for genuine customer reviews. Unfortunately, most websites are creating Fake reviews to lure in unsuspecting customers.
Pills24x7.com has a couple of testimonials on its website. However, they are not genuine because they are overly positive. They all seem to be ingenuine because they are predominantly 5-star ratings with a few 4 stars. Even the disgruntled “customers” are giving the business a good rating and that doesn’t add up.  365worldstorerxm.com and other Mirror Websites have identical customer reviews.



Is Pills24x7.com a Scam?

We have established that Pills24x7.com is a scam because it raises a few red flags. It operates from a high-risk country.  They In addition to that, the business that runs it and the other mirror websites is still unknown. The customer reviews are fake and the drugs are not approved by any regulatory bodies.

Only 1.1 of 5 stars.

Possible alternatives

While brick and mortar pharmacies are a safe bet any day, online pharmacies are better, cheaper and more convenient. There is a ton of pharmacies on the internet, and this ends up confusing the consumers, as they do not know who is legitimate and who is out for a quick back. This is where we come in; our experts are constantly scouring the internet, looking for pharmacies and evaluating them based on set criteria.

We provide highly relevant information about these pharmacies, which allows you to choose where to shop for your medication and decide what establishments to stay away from. Our content is periodically updated with information about both existing and upcoming online pharmacies.

For more information, take a look at the Highly Credible List of online drug stores on our website!!!

What experiences have you encountered while dealing with online drug stores? Has the quality of service in each pharmacy been exquisite? Has it been satisfying, or would you rather not talk about it? Whichever the case, share your story with us; you never know, it could save another reader a whole lot of trouble. Commenting on our threads is quite easy, and you will not even have to register to do that!  

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