Reviews – Untrustworthy Pharmacy with Poor Ratings

2 out of 5 stars is an online pharmacy that offers a wide range of health products at affordable prices. Although the pharmacy appears to be genuine, some of its business activities are highly suspicious. Today we expose some of the malpractices revolving around this pharmacy.


Overall rating     2 out of 5 stars







Information about the website

Domain Creation Date

Information from indicates that the domain name has been active for close to 15 years !!! It was registered on 2003-08-29 by a company known as Eagle Prestige Holdings Ltd.

The long lifespan of the website is a good indication that the pharmacy is run by a genuine company. However, we discovered that there’s more to this pharmacy than what meets the eye. Firstly, the website appears to be based in Canada while the owner is located in the Virgin Islands. What is more alarming is that the provided phone number originates from the United Arab Emirates.


The numerous discrepancies only confirm our fears that this pharmacy is not legit!



Mirror Websites

This pharmacy is associated with dozens of suspicious websites that offer a variety of products and services. Interestingly, these mirror websites are also using the same business license number. Sharing license numbers is not only illegal but also a massive business malpractice. Some of the mirror websites include:






Company Profile

The company that runs this pharmacy is provided as Eagle Prestige Holdings Ltd.


Although the company appears to be genuine, information from reliable sources suggests that this company is associated with several Rogue pharmacies.


While International Drug Mart is located in Cyprus, Eagle Prestige Holdings is based in the British Virgin Islands.


The pharmacy was previously associated with TDP Healthcare Logistic Ltd., a company that was dissolved a few years ago due to continuous violation of federal laws.



Legal Compliance

This pharmacy does not comply with legal requirements. Besides sharing an invalid license number, the pharmacy has been listed as rogue on and other relevant agencies.




The drugstore offers a wide range of healthcare products, including simple OTC drugs such as antibiotics to herbal medicines. We discovered that most of the medications are generic drugs sourced from India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. This speaks a lot about the quality of medications.


We suspect that these medications are either Fake or of very poor quality considering the fact that Asian countries do not have stringent drug laws.



Prescription Policy

According to this pharmacy’s policy, you must submit a valid prescription from a certified physician before you can acquire any RX drugs from this pharmacy. The prescription must be submitted within 5 days after placing an order. Over the counter medications do not require a prescription.



Prices of Drugs

This pharmacy claims to offer drugs at prices 80%-90% lower than the normal market rates. These insane prices only raise questions about the source of these medications considering the fact that it almost impossible to acquire drugs at such prices without factoring in the production costs. Furthermore, the pharmacy offers discounts of up to 50% on all orders.


The coupon code is Coupon 50% Off –XRWZMGSV


Although the drugstore promises to offer medications at affordable prices, we discovered that some of the drugs are somehow expensive. For instance, 100 capsules of amoxicillin antibiotics (500mg) cost $35.09 against the average rate of $21.36. Walmart offers the same medication at $4.00 with a free discount code.



Payment Options and Shipping Info

The pharmacy offers limited payment options, including Visa and check only. Despite the controversies facing this pharmacy, all payments are secured using SSL encryption.


The pharmacy offers standard airmail shipping to almost all countries worldwide. Shipping rates depend on your order and destination address. All orders above $110 are entitled to free shipping. Orders up to $69 are charged at $12.99 while orders from $70 to $109 are charged $9.99. Reviews & Customer Feedback

Testimonials available on the pharmacy’s website are full of praise for the products and services on offer. However, the reviews seem exaggerated and we could not establish their authenticity considering the fact that there are no avenues for posting comments or reviews.


On the other hand, the pharmacy has very low customer ratings on and WOT (Web of Trust). Most reviews speak negatively about the billing system. Apparently, you have to submit your driving license in order to transact using your credit card. This is act is often associated with shady sites.



Is Legitimate or a Scam?

It seems that International Drug Mart was earlier a trustworthy company that has since turned into a rogue drugstore.


If the poor ratings are anything to go by, transacting with this pharmacy is no longer safe. In fact, this pharmacy has been reported several times as an online scam. Therefore, buying any medication from this drugstore is not recommended.


We can only give it a 2.0 out of 5 overall rating.


Possible alternatives

While brick and mortar pharmacies are a safe bet any day, online pharmacies are better, cheaper and more convenient. There is a ton of pharmacies on the internet, and this ends up confusing the consumers, as they do not know who is legitimate and who is out for a quick back. This is where we come in; our experts are constantly scouring the internet, looking for pharmacies and evaluating them based on set criteria.

We provide highly relevant information about these pharmacies, which allows you to choose where to shop for your medication and decide what establishments to stay away from. Our content is periodically updated with information about both existing and upcoming online pharmacies.

For more information, take a look at the Highly Credible List of online drug stores on our website!!!

What experiences have you encountered while dealing with online drug stores? Has the quality of service in each pharmacy been exquisite? Has it been satisfying, or would you rather not talk about it? Whichever the case, share your story with us; you never know, it could save another reader a whole lot of trouble. Commenting on our threads is quite easy, and you will not even have to register to do that!  

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